Freelance projects aggregator A Telegram bot


🚀 This bot allows you to automatically and instantly receive notifications about new projects from Several freelance exchanges, taking into account your settings (keywords, minus words).

The maximum benefit of the bot is if you are

  • use several freelance exchanges;
  • Seek orders from multiple lines of business.

The setup process takes 1 minute and is done in 2 steps.

Open in Telegram


(over the standard way of searching for orders)

✅ projects from all exchanges in one chat;
✅ projects come in all the time after one-time bot customization;
✅ projects come instantly after publication on the source site;
✅ there is filtering by keywords and minus words.

🤖 Leave project monitoring to a robot, and take care of processing requests and completing tasks yourself!

🏎️ Note that the bot was set up in just a couple of minutes, and the first project came in less than 5 minutes after completion of the configuration!

Setting up

Step 1 of 2. Go into the bot, we are offered to choose freelance exchanges from which projects will be parsed - choose the necessary ones, those from which you want to receive projects.

Step 2 of 2. Next, we are asked to list the keys, the presence of which in the title or description of the project will send it to your chat bot. For example, 4 keys are entered: Parsing, Do parsing, Parser, Parsing.

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