Development of Telegram bots

The development of chatbots for Telegram is part of the automation that Parsemachine does.

Messenger bots are becoming an integral part of the ecosystem of companies that want to stay in touch with their users through the most efficient channels.


Chat robots allow you to:

  • optimize business processes by eliminating part or all of the routine;
  • maintain existing traffic and/or create new traffic;
  • stay in touch with your customers, employees, partners in a timely manner;
  • program your logic to meet specific business objectives;

Typical tasks

  • Direct sales.
  • Attracting new customers (e.g. through promotions and promo codes).
  • Teamwork of employees via chat with elements of automation.
  • Telegram group/channel administration.
  • Receiving notifications about any events on the Internet (about the appearance of new products, services, records).
  • Management of existing systems via API using an additional interface - Telegram.
  • Cloud storage


A few examples of bots that have been created by Parsemachine. You can open any of them right now in Telegram, as well as read more detailed information on our website.

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