Scraping for business

Scraping for business

Want to consistently receive data from selected sources through an easy-to-use interface?

Check out the example below of how we help businesses solve these types of challenges.

Service description

Scraping to order. Developing tools for data collection, aggregation and analytics. Creating programs to automate your business processes. One-time/periodic scrapings, e.g. to import your supplier's catalog into the site. Order website scraping or a scraper development.


Take a look at how we can solve your problem

1. There is a goods catalog

Source data

2. We need to scrape three times a day


3. Coding a scraper according to the ToR

An example of the development process is described here:

Урок 5. Пишем парсер каталога товаров на Scrapy / Python

Scraper development

4. Provide API for data retrieval

You get an API where you can download the latest collected data. And also download the file via a direct link.

Доступ по API

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Order website scraping or a scraper development.